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  • The Start of Something

    The party started on their separate paths, each heading towards a common goal. None would know that eventually would have to fight off a northern tribe together and save a diplomat. None would know that they were on a path that would …

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    Life as You Know It

    You know life as a bland thing. Most of the time , where you probably grew up, there was barely any of the classic day explosions or airships flying overhead. You might have had a gun in your house …

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    The History

    [[Basic History]]


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  • Anerth

    Anerth is the common name of this world, referred as this in many of the countries

  • Asralth

    Asralth is home to most of the elvish population. The country they build is one of masterful cities and beautiful people. On the far edge of this country are the lands of the Northern Tribes Folk, full of dangers and monsters - be it the …

  • Mistral

    Mistral is the main elven city, which almost reaches into the clouds at its tallest.

  • Ialea

    Ialea is a desert country to the south of Asralth. 

  • Skyshal

    Skyshal is the floating city on the back of the Sky Creature. Created millennia ago when the Elder Mother made a pact with the Sky Creature to allow her kinsfolk to ride on its back. The Sky Creature eventually took a liking to the Elder …

  • Dwarves

    Dwarves are a hearty people, trying to establish themselves in a world run by elves.

  • Elves

    Elves are a prickish bunch, seeing themselves as the chosen race. This has gotten them into many wars, often of which they end up winning - further supporting their mentality. They are the race that has profited the most from the human enslavement …

  • Gnomes

    Gnomes are rarely found withing [[Asralth]], even rarer in the Northern Tribes, but if you ever manage to get to [[Velara]], they are one of the most common people you see

  • Half-Elves

    Almost looked down upon as much as humans, Half-Elves have tried their hardest to create a settlement in the country of [[Ialea]], with a large amount of success. If you manage to get to the cities then you are a lucky person. They are the …

  • Half-Orcs

    Half-Orcs are the unholy combination of Orcs and Humans. This has brought them a lot of issues though the years, leading many of then to become a part if the nomadic tribes of the North or South. 

  • Halflings

    Uncommon as they are, Halfings are one of the frequently created races. this is what happens to a human over to much inbreeding and impurities. 

  • Humans

    Humans are the dogs of the world. For many years, they have been bred and killed and bred and killed for the elves ambitions to have the perfect slave. All this effort wasn't for naught, because after so many years we have …

  • Tieflings

    Tiefilings are the freest of all the races. Years ago, Elder Mother made a pact with the Sky Creature to allow them to ride on the back of them. This has created a giant flying city of [[Skyshal]]. Traditions and Ideas of these people are the …

  • Basic History

    Since from what most people can remember, the world was run by one race - Elves, but the world was built by another. Humans, eventually, because no better than dogs to most of the races and even breeding them similarly. This has led to massive …

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  • Caelora

    Caelora is a medium trade city. The noble of which is a sly man, creeping at the edges of the trade in the city.

  • Locke

    Lyra, the 3rd child of Jasimee, was born into a society she never did fit into. Her mother hoped for a child she could pass the family business on to, seeing as the older brothers were more military minded than she ever was. But all plans were crushed …

  • Captain Kelar

    Captin Kelar is an honest goliath, making his way from the tribe of the sea to gain his own ship. He has a wife in the city of Vali and has always been called to the ocean

  • Aeson "Asa" Zinralei

    The earliest Aeson Zinralei can remember is begging on the streets in an Asralth city. He never knew his parents, but given his situation he was able to guess that he was a child of an elf and a human slave- both of which did not want him around. After …