Aasimar Noble from Fasera


FULL NAME – Lady Lyra Odysseia Cairel Keishara Endraele of Fasera
AGE – 86
HEIGHT – 5’ 10”
WEIGHT – 180lbs
HAIR – Golden Blonde
EYES – Hazel Gold/Green
ALIGNMENT – Neutral Good



Lyra, the 3rd child of Jasimee, was born into a society she never did fit into. Her mother hoped for a child she could pass the family business on to, seeing as the older brothers were more military minded than she ever was. But all plans were crushed when Lyra was far more tomboyish than expected. Lyra excelled in combat with her brothers, and eventually found out her heritage when she sprouted wings while fighting. Lyra always told stories of heroes and adventurers to her little sister (though it was more for her enjoyment than anything else) and eventually, she decided that one day she would be in those stories. Leaving her family far behind, she left on a ship named Caravon, hoping for her stories to start.


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